The days when buying an electric auto rickshaw seemed like a pipe dream are long gone. Electric auto rickshaws are becoming more widely available, affordable, and sensible these days. Additionally, there are a few things you need to think about before contacting e rickshaw manufacturers to buy one for you. This blog is designed to assist you in comprehending the elements that are crucial to consider when investing in a battery-powered e rickshaw loader. To learn more, continue reading.

1. Review

It is essential for a buyer to check customer reviews on the official website of the chosen brand or brands, as well as any other reliable media sources, for real reviews before deciding on an electric rickshaw. These reviews from customers can assist you in making an informed choice. These days, there are more and more businesses selling electric three-wheelers. As a result, it’s critical to do extensive study on the make and type of the passenger auto you plan to choose. In addition, you can speak with online customers who have bought the same model to find out what they think of the product, customer service, and other features.

2. Examine the Prices

The most important thing to think about before buying any goods is its pricing. Since battery technology is still expensive, you should research and weigh all the options when buying an electric rickshaw, including financing options, on-road pricing, tax advantages, and after-sale services. It’s likely that you’ll receive tax breaks and other perks because the Indian government is working to encourage the sale of electric automobiles.

3. Research Batteries

Without batteries, an electric rickshaw can’t function. As a result, you must confirm that the battery in your passenger auto is genuine and bearing a brand. To ensure maximum usage, the battery should also be long-lasting and low maintenance. To prevent issues later on, you should choose a battery that is covered by a guarantee. Choose e rickshaw manufacturers who test the batteries in their cars to make sure there are no lingering doubts.

4. Range

The range of a battery-operated e rickshaw loader is an important factor to take into account before purchasing. There is occasionally a discrepancy between the fuel mileage and the range reported by e rickshaw manufacturers. You need to check the EV’s maximum range. If it appears doable, get in touch with the proprietors to find out more about the actual range. A second battery pack is sometimes included with passenger auto to help extend their overall range.

5. Qualities

If you want to buy a passenger auto, you need to look at and contrast a few aspects between models. When buyers focus on the basics, they often ignore some of the features.

Explore and contrast the following features:

  • Space 
  • Mileage
  • Seating Capacity
  • The Comfort of the Ride
  • Display 
  • Riding Techniques
  • Navigation 
  • Time of Charging
  • Stations for Charging
  • Warranty
  • Ownership Cost
  • Max Power
  • Ports of Charging
  • Bluetooth compatibility


So, these are the features that must be considered before buying an electric rickshaw. Things like the ones stated above are generally overlooked. Of course, while looking at them, remember the fundamentals such as mileage, high-quality items, and easily accessible spare parts.

6. Post-purchase servicing 

When you buy a battery rickshaw, have you ever considered the after-sales support you’ll receive? Customer support, swaps, repairs, and troubleshooting of the product are all included with this help. It can support the development of enduring customer connections and is crucial to consumer satisfaction. Verify if there are qualified technicians at nearby service centres. Read the warranty information carefully and look through customer reviews to get an idea of how the brand handles after-sales support.

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In summary

When you consider going into business for yourself as an electric rickshaw driver, there are a lot of things to think about because it will affect the safety of you and your passengers. Therefore, making sure you have done your fair amount of research will help you and the nation both benefit in the future.

It would be best if you got in touch with the right dealer for your electric rickshaw in order to facilitate the pre- and post-purchase procedures. Therefore, contact JMT Vehicles immediately!