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Join the revolution of trusted electric three-wheelers with the Best E Rickshaw Manufacturing Company and be a part of a sustainable tomorrow.


The JMT electric vehicle (e rickshaw suppliers) delivers unparalleled acceleration and performance. Charging is a breeze, thanks to its compatibility with standard 220V/50Hz outlets. Our passenger auto comes with a telescopic shock absorber in the front suspension, it conquers bumpy roads with ease, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. Accommodating 4+1 passengers, JMT E-Rickshaw combines practicality with style.


With its powerful DC Brushless motor, smooth suspension, and reliable brakes, this eco-friendly battery rickshaw or loading E rickshaw is designed to provide a comfortable and safe ride. Our E- Rickshaw Loader Has Maximum Run Of 100-120 Km per charge, it’s perfect for both short trips and longer journeys. Plus, our E Rickshaw Loader is compact in size and seating capacity of 1+1 makes it incredibly versatile. Don’t miss out on this game-changing transportation solution – get yours today!

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E Cart & E Rickshaw Manufacturer

At JMT Vehicles PVT. LTD, as a leading E Rickshaw manufacturer, our mission is to revolutionize urban transportation with our innovative E Rickshaws and loading E Rickshaw We specialize in the design, development, and production of E Rickshaws that cater to the evolving needs of modern mobility. Our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and skilled technicians ensure the production of durable, reliable, and energy-efficient E Rickshaws.

E cart & E Rickshaw Suppliers

Welcome to JMT Vehicles PVT. LTD is a pioneering E Rickshaw manufacturing company dedicated to transforming urban transportation with eco-friendly and efficient electric vehicles. As a reputable E Rickshaw suppliers, we take pride in delivering top-quality electric e rickshaws that redefine the way people commute.


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Advanced technology

We continually innovate our manufacturing process, integrating the latest technology and safety features into our electric auto rickshaws and e rickshaw loaders.

Cost Effcient

Our battery rickshaws are engineered for durability and longevity, and our electric rickshaws require minimal maintenance that reduces operational hassles.

Superior customer service

We prioritize our customer’s needs; we ensure prompt deliveries, responsive customer support, and personalized solutions to address specific requirements.


Our electric auto rickshaw or e rickshaw loader both are eco friendly with zero emission as our company contributes to a cleaner environment.

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Our company’s consistent success is driven by our commitment to innovation, as our talented and imaginative employees constantly create groundbreaking solutions with cutting-edge technology.


We are dedicated to perfection and pay great attention to details in our passenger auto With a strong global presence, we continuously strive for improvement in all areas of our operations, resulting in the production of supreme quality vehicles.


Safety is our top priority at JMT Vehicles. Every component of electric e rickshaw is designed and manufactured with the goal of ensuring your security, whether your journey is long or short.


The reliability of our electric e rickshaw or electric auto rickshaw is tested and assured through meticulous engineering, the use of high-quality raw materials, and adherence to stringent quality policies in our state-of-the-art manufacturing units. This ensures utmost protection for occupants.

“Be a part of a sustainable future by joining the three-wheeled electric revolution.”


I purchased an electric rickshaw from JMT Vehicles, and I am delighted with the product. I highly recommend this e rickshaw manufacturing company to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient mode of transportation.

Alok Sharma

I have been using the JMT e rickshaw for my business for over a month now, and I must say that I am impressed with the quality of their products. Their electric rickshaws are sturdy and comfortable. I would recommend this e rickshaw manufacturer to anyone looking for a cost-effective mode of transportation.

Sahil Verma

JMT E-rickshaw has transformed my business. It’s low e rickshaw loader price and eco-friendly. The dealership team guided me perfectly.

Pankaj Mehta

JMT E-rickshaw has transformed my business. It’s low e rickshaw loader price and eco-friendly. The dealership team guided me perfectly.

Harshit Saraswat

The JMT E-cart is durable and powerful. It handles heavy loads with ease and has impressive battery life. Great customer service from the JMT team. Highly recommended!

Anil Kumar

I love my JMT E-rickshaw! It’s eco-friendly, comfortable, and performs amazingly well. The dealership staff was knowledgeable and helpful.

Rishabh Singh


What does JMT Vehicles PVT Limited specialise in?

JMT Vehicles PVT Limited, the best e rickshaw company specialises in manufacturing and selling battery rickshaw, eco-friendly electric vehicles used for transportation.

Do JMT Vehicles provide warranty for their battery rickshaw?

Yes, JMT Vehicles offer a warranty on their passenger auto. The details of the warranty period and coverage can be obtained from their customer service.

Are spare parts readily available for jmt e rickshaw?

Yes, JMT Vehicles,  the best e rickshaw company ensures the availability of spare parts for their battery rickshaw. Customers can order genuine parts through authorised dealerships.

Are there any government incentives for purchasing a jmt e rickshaw?

Yes, depending on the country and local policies, there might be government incentives, subsidies, or tax benefits for purchasing electric vehicles, including electric rickshaw.

What is the average mileage of a jmt e rickshaw on a full charge?

The mileage of jmt e rickshaw per full charge can vary based on the model and usage. It’s best to check the specifications of the specific electric rickshaw model you are interested in.

Are JMT E rickshaw eco-friendly?

Yes, JMT E-rickshaws are eco-friendly as they run on electricity, producing zero emissions and contributing to a cleaner environment.

Can I test drive a battery rickshaw before purchasing from JMT Vehicles?

Yes, JMT Vehicles,  the best e rickshaw company usually allow potential buyers to test drive their passenger auto. It’s recommended to contact the nearest dealership for arrangements or just search e rickshaw showroom near me.

Does JMT Vehicles offer financing options for battery rickshaw purchases?

Yes, JMT Vehicles often provides financing options to assist customers in purchasing their electric rickshaw. Interested buyers can inquire about the available financing plans.

Is there a specific charging infrastructure required for jmt e rickshaw?

JMT E rickshaw can be charged using standard electric outlets. However, for fleet owners, setting up a dedicated charging station might be more convenient.

Can jmt e rickshaw be customised for specific business needs?

Yes, JMT Vehicles, the e rickshaw best company offers customization options for their electric rickshaw, catering to specific business requirements such as branding, seating arrangements, and cargo space.

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